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About Organisation

The name of association is :Ambikapur Catholic diocese(hereinafter called the "Association") and is a non-governmental organisation working on social development in rural area the revenue districts of surguja in Chhattisgarh, as on date, will be the area of function of this association.

Objects:The Objects Or purposes For which The Association Is Establlshed, Are The Following And it Declared:

  • That The Objects Are Not listed in the Order of priority , And
  • That This Associatyion is meant To cater Not For The Benefit of Any Particular Religious Community or Casre , But for the Benefit of the general Public of India And of surguja District in madhya pradesh in particular ; in keeping with our National policy a special Emphasis will be Educational Betterment of the scheduled Castes And Tribes of this Area;
  • ) The Several Sub – Clauses of this Clause And All The Powers Mentioned in it , no Case is the Generlity of one sub-clause to be Narrowed or Rrstricred by Any paricularity of Expression in the sasme sub-clause or the Application of Any Rule if Construction “E jusdem Generis’’ or Otherwise :-

Our Vision

  • We the Congregation of the Catholic Sansthaen Surguja Uttar Purb Parikshetra mebers dedicate ourselves fully to implant the trainned the youth and human values in the poor students in rural area. We also dedicate ourselves to find ways and means to help the poor and needy to live a dignified life.

    Our Mission

    We commit ourselves to teach the poor students and human values in our oraganisation. By visiting the families and knowing their situations , giving them the right help and making them self supportive via job placement/job oriented training program.

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